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A practical class in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health covering all essential COSHH basics, regulations, health concerns related to hazardous substances, how to determine, proper risk assessment and control management and safe systems of work for any professional or business owner to follow and apply as a professional.

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Industry experts have developed this course on how to implement COSHH to your benefit to prevent or reduce workers' exposure to dangerous substances by finding out what the health hazards are and deciding how to avoid harm to health (risk assessment) in any workplace.

Complying with COSHH legislation is a legal responsibility for businesses. COSHH regulations minimise the risks associated with substances that could be potentially hazardous to the health of you and your team members. The purpose of COSHH is to reduce the number of people who become unwell due to exposure to harmful substances in any business sector.

Most workplaces use substances or products that could cause harm to people’s health or pose risks to their life. According to the latest HSE statistics, approximately 13,000 people die every year. Primarily due to past exposure to chemicals or dust at work. 17,000 people experience breathing and lung problems. Also, around 8,000 people experience skin problems that started or worsened at work.

Training on COSHH helps employees understand the risks of working with hazardous materials. As a result, they follow internal protocols, which is essential to mitigate the risk of illness and injury.

You can start with any skill set and will reach the next level at the end of this course.

You will be able to do the following after completing this course:

  • Maintenance of hazardous substances
  • Relevant legislation
  • Conducting regular risk assessments
  • Provision of safeguarding equipment to reduce risk
  • Take responsibility for health and safety?
  • COSHH risk assessments
  • Control measures and good practices
  • Identify potential health hazards
  • The primary principles of COSHH regulations

Is this course for you?

This course on applying Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is beneficial for both professionals and individuals who can use this strategy to control hazardous substances to health, maintain safety, ensure staff feel protected and valued, protect professional reputation, reduce financial penalties, and build commercial advantage for any business.

Health hazards are not limited to substances labelled as 'hazardous'. Some harmful substances can be produced by the process you use, e.g. wood dust from sanding or silica dust from tile cutting.

A professional can use COSHH to evaluate hazards and remove them or minimize their risk level by adding control measures as necessary and ensuring a safer and healthier workplace. Any company needs a COSHH assessment whenever using, creating or producing a workplace substance hazardous to health. Having skills in COSHH enables one to build a framework for assessing health risks, implementing controls, and monitoring exposure in any sector.

Strict adherence to the COSHH regulations will bring many positive impacts to both employers and employees, like a better understanding of health and safety legal requirements, improved productivity, lower levels of ill-health, more effective use of material, heightened employee morale and lower numbers of civil court claims.

Why Choose the COSHH course?

  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive Text course
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone-friendly
  • Tutor Support


Upon successful completion of this course, an instant e-certificate will be generated free of charge. The digital version of the course transcript is available for £2.99. We can post the printed copy of the certificate and the transcript to your address. A delivery charge of £4.99 (UK) & £12.99 (Outside the UK) is applied to this service.


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Course Content

    • COSHH Basics 01:00:00
    • COSHH Regulations 01:00:00
    • Hazardous Substances-Related Health Concerns 01:00:00
    • Determining Hazardous Substances 01:00:00
    • COSHH Risk Assessment and Control 01:00:00
    • Risk Control Management 01:00:00
    • Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) 01:00:00
    • COSHH – Final Exam 01:00:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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