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A masterclass in Dog Leash Training covering all essential leash walking techniques, creating a positive feedback loop, building engagement, calm, kind and confident methods you can do during the walk, stopping your dog from biting and chewing the lead when out for anyone with any skill set to use the application confidently as a professional.

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1 hour, 40 minutes

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January 13, 2024



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More about the course

In "Dog Training - Leash Training - Simple Dog Training Methods," we take a hands-on approach to transforming your dog into a well-behaved companion. The proof is in the pudding - this is what people say after experiencing the remarkable results of our course. Gain valuable insights into the missing link of leash training by preparing for the walk effectively. Discover the secrets to a successful walk, where you and your furry friend can enjoy a harmonious and controlled stroll. Our recall training techniques will strengthen your bond with your dog and ensure they respond promptly to your commands. Enroll now to unlock the key to a well-mannered and obedient canine companion.

You will have the following skills after completing this course:

  • What the walk really means to a dog and why it’s vital that you get this area right.
  • Easy and very successful techniques you can do before you leave the house that makes a remarkable difference to your walk.
  • Calm, kind and confident methods you can do during the walk, when your dog pulls, that will give them the message they need to walk calmly by your side.
  • How to stop your dog from ‘zig-zagging’ in front of you and pulling you to every lamp post and bush when walking.
  • How to stop your dog from biting and chewing the lead when out.
  • Simple and easy methods that will get your dog to come back when called when they are off the leash.
  • Perform dog training methods that are easy to do and get quick results.
  • Get your dog to pay attention to you and respond favourably to your commands.
  • Obtain the knowledge and confidence needed in order to be your dog’s pack leader, in a kind and gentle way, during the walk.
  • Communicate to your dog in a language they understand.
  • Have a pleasurable and enjoyable walk.

Who will benefit from this course?

The Dog Training - Leash Training - Simple Dog Training Methods course is likely designed for a broad audience that includes dog owners, dog trainers, and anyone interested in learning effective methods for leash training dogs. Here are some specific groups that may benefit from the course:
  1. Dog Owners:This course can be valuable for individuals who have recently welcomed a new dog into their home or for those who are struggling with leash-related issues with their current pets. It caters to dog owners who want to establish better control, improve their dog's behavior on a leash, and enhance the overall walking experience.
  2. Aspiring Dog Trainers: Individuals looking to become professional dog trainers or enthusiasts who want to understand the principles of leash training will find this course beneficial. Aspiring trainers can gain insights into effective and humane methods for teaching dogs how to walk on a leash.
  3. Pet Care Professionals: Professionals working in pet care services, such as dog walkers, pet sitters, and staff at doggy daycares, may find this course helpful in managing and handling dogs during walks.
  4. Rescue Organisations and Shelters: Staff and volunteers at animal rescue organisations and shelters may benefit from the course to improve the behavior and adoptability of dogs in their care.
  5. Anyone Interested in Canine Behavior: Individuals with a general interest in understanding and influencing canine behavior may enroll in the course to gain insights into how dogs learn and respond to training.
  6. Those Dealing with Behavioral Issues: If a dog is exhibiting behavioral problems related to leash walking, such as pulling, lunging, or excessive excitement, this course may offer practical solutions for addressing and resolving these issues.
  7. Busy Individuals Seeking Efficient Training Methods: The course might be attractive to people with busy lifestyles who want efficient and effective training methods that fit into their schedules.
Before enrolling, it's advisable to review the course details to ensure that it aligns with your specific needs and goals. Courses may vary in their content, teaching methods, and approach to dog training.

Why Should You Take This Online Course?

  • Expertly Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts: Developed and delivered by SHARON BOLT - Puppy Expert, Specialist in NLP & Law of Attraction
  • Immediate Recognition with an Instant E-Certificate: After finishing our online course, you will receive an instant E-certificate. This certification acknowledges your dedication and successful course completion, allowing you to demonstrate your newly gained knowledge and skills to potential employers, colleagues, or clients. The E-certificate validates your accomplishments immediately, raising your professional standing.
  • Convenient Online Learning Experience: Because our course is entirely online, you may learn at your own pace and convenience. The course materials are accessible from anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for people with hectic schedules. The curriculum is delivered via captivating videos and extensive reading materials, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
  • Self-paced Learning for Maximum Progress: We recognise that everyone has various learning styles and time commitments. As a result, our online course provides self-paced study. You can work through the course materials independently, allowing for a more personalised learning experience. Our course supports your individual learning preferences, whether you like to immerse yourself in the information or take it step by step.
  • Laptop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility: Our online course is device-compatible to improve accessibility. Whether you choose a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you may easily access and interact with the course contents. This adaptability allows you to learn on the go, incorporating your studies into your everyday routine and maximising your learning possibilities.

Career prospects after completing this course:

The career prospects after completing a Dog Training - Leash Training - Simple Dog Training Methods course can vary depending on your goals, interests, and the depth of the course content. Here are some potential career paths and prospects:
  1. Professional Dog Trainer: Completing a comprehensive dog training course can equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career as a professional dog trainer. You could work independently, for a training facility, or even start your own dog training business.
  2. Dog Walker or Pet Sitter: Individuals who complete the course may find opportunities as dog walkers or pet sitters, particularly if the course covers practical aspects of managing dogs on walks. This is especially relevant for those looking for part-time or flexible work.
  3. Pet Care Services: Employment in pet care services, such as doggy daycares, boarding facilities, or pet resorts, may be an option. The course could enhance your qualifications for positions involving the care, supervision, and training of dogs.
  4. Work with Animal Shelters or Rescue Organisations: Completing a dog training course may make you a valuable asset to animal shelters or rescue organisations. You could help train and rehabilitate dogs to improve their adoptability.
  5. Start Your Own Dog Training Business: For those with entrepreneurial aspirations, completing a dog training course may provide the foundation to start your own dog training business. This could involve offering group classes, private training sessions, or specialised services.
  6. Retail or Pet Industry Positions: Your expertise in dog training methods might make you a strong candidate for positions in the pet industry, such as working in pet stores, as a product consultant, or in roles related to pet care products and services.
  7. Community Education and Outreach: Some individuals use their dog training knowledge to engage in community education and outreach. This could involve organising workshops, seminars, or classes to educate dog owners in your community.
It's important to note that while completing a dog training course can provide valuable knowledge and skills, gaining practical experience through internships, volunteering, or apprenticeships can further enhance your qualifications and prospects in the field. Additionally, staying updated on industry trends and pursuing further certifications may open up more advanced career opportunities.

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Course Content

    • Why Getting 2, 8 Week Old Parson Terrier Puppies Changed My Life And My Career! 00:03:00
    • What People Say Who’ve Used My Methods 00:00:30
    • Don’t Take My Word For It – This Is What People Say! 00:01:00
    • Here’s What You’ll Get From This Course 00:05:00
    • Why Preparing For The Walk Is Essential To Getting Great Results FAST! 00:10:00
    • This is Exactly How To Do It… 00:08:00
    • **Bonus Video ** Dog Frightened Of The Leash Question – Answered December 2015 00:09:00
    • How to Get Your Dog to Easily Walk by Your Side 00:09:00
    • This Video Shows You Exactly What To Do 00:06:00
    • Here’s Another Method That Is Really Effective 00:04:00
    • How to Teach Your Dog to Come Back When Off Leash – Why People Get This Wrong 00:08:00
    • Here’s Step-By-Step How To Do It 00:04:00
    • Points To Remember When Your Dog Is Off Leash 00:03:00
    • Here’s an E-Book I’ve written about dog walking and recall training 00:30:00
    • What’s Next? 00:00:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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  1. leash training


    good aspects and lessons

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    very good

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    very informative, noticeable results.

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    Really enjoyed the course and look forward to putting what I’ve learnt it into practise with my dog.

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    Learnt a lot!

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