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For an internally responsible person to manage the response to an emergency in a venue it is crucial to understand more about emergencies including Medical crises, inclement weather, internal threats, bomb threats, suspicious objects, active shooters, crowd-related emergencies, and terrorism. This course will provide hands-on knowledge about emergency planning and effective strategies for leading teams during emergencies. Skills for Chief Wardens in places of public assembly.

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2 hours, 10 minutes

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August 14, 2023



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More about the course

The Leadership in Emergency Management online course, instructed by Lisa Price, provides learners with practical and effective strategies for leading teams during emergencies. Medical crises, inclement weather, internal threats, bomb threats, suspicious objects, active shooters, crowd-related emergencies, and terrorism are all covered in training. One of the course's primary focuses is on crucial emergency response considerations such as notification, communication, control, emergency response equipment, evacuation, human behaviour in emergencies, lifts and escalators, media, people with disabilities, personal effects, traffic management, security, emergency colour codes, and recovery. During an emergency response, the course emphasises the need for good communication and coordination among team members. Participants will learn about the most effective leadership styles and decision-making procedures in emergency scenarios. They will also learn about the duties and responsibilities of key stakeholders, such as emergency responders, law enforcement, and medical personnel. Furthermore, the course provides students with real-life scenarios and case studies, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world situations. Participants will learn about the critical success aspects of emergency management, such as developing a well-defined emergency response plan, performing frequent training and exercises, and conducting post-incident debriefs. Overall, the online Leadership in Emergency Management course is an excellent resource for professionals seeking to improve their leadership abilities and knowledge of emergency management. This course is an excellent choice for anybody looking to advance in this essential field, thanks to its practical focus and extensive treatment of fundamental emergency management topics.

What you will learn

  • What an emergency control organisation is, and what does it
  • Decide on evacuation choices in response to an emergency and work with emergency services
  • Create emergency procedures
  • How to lead an organisation in an emergency
  • Leadership
  • Some definitions you will learn throughout the course:
             Chief Warden - A person with internal responsibilities of managing response to an emergency.               Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) - A person or persons appointed by the emergency planning committee to direct and control the implementation of the facility's emergency response procedures, that is, the Chief Warden/s, Area Wardens and Wardens.              Warden - A person or persons appointed by the emergency planning committee to direct and control the implementation of the facility's emergency response procedures.             Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) - Persons responsible for documenting and maintaining an emergency plan, including allocation of response responsibilities, training and drill

Who is this course beneficial to?

The Leadership in Emergency Management online course is beneficial for a wide range of professionals involved in emergency management, including:
  1. Emergency Managers: This course benefits emergency managers responsible for developing and implementing emergency plans and coordinating emergency response efforts.
  2. First Responders: The course provides critical knowledge and skills that are relevant to first responders, including police, fire, and emergency medical services personnel.
  3. Government Officials: The course also benefits government officials responsible for emergency management, such as city or state officials.
  4. Security Personnel: The course can help security personnel, such as private security officers and facility managers, understand their roles and responsibilities during emergencies.
  5. Healthcare Professionals: The course is also helpful for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators, who may be involved in emergency response efforts.
  6. Business Continuity Managers: The course can help business continuity managers understand the importance of emergency planning and response and how to coordinate with emergency management personnel.
  7. Online Leadership in Emergency Management course benefits: The course can be valuable for community leaders, such as church leaders, non-profit organisations, and neighbourhood watch groups, who may play a critical role in emergency response efforts.
Overall, the online Leadership in Emergency Management course benefits anyone involved in emergency management or interested in improving their knowledge and skills in this critical area.

Why Choose the Leadership in Emergency Management course?

  • Conducted by Expert Event Operations Manager
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, and smartphone-friend

Career Prospect of this course:

The Leadership in Emergency Management online course can lead to numerous career prospects in the emergency management profession. Below are some of the career paths that individuals can pursue after completing the course:
  1. Emergency Manager: As an emergency manager, individuals are responsible for coordinating emergency response efforts and developing emergency plans to ensure the safety of communities, businesses, and organisations.
  2. Disaster Response Specialist: Disaster response specialists are responsible for assessing the damage caused by natural disasters and coordinating recovery efforts.
  3. Homeland Security Specialist: Homeland security specialists work to prevent and respond to acts of terrorism and other security threats.
  4. Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator: Public health emergency preparedness coordinators ensure that communities and organisations are prepared to respond to public health emergencies.
  5. Emergency Medical Services Director: Emergency medical services directors oversee emergency medical services operations and ensure that medical personnel are trained and prepared to respond to emergencies.
  6. Crisis Management Consultant: Crisis management consultants provide guidance and support to organisations and communities in emergencies.
  7. Business Continuity Manager: Business continuity managers are responsible for ensuring that businesses can continue operating during and after emergencies and developing and implementing business continuity plans.
Overall, completing the Leadership in Emergency Management online course can open up many career opportunities in the emergency management profession, with a wide range of roles available at the local, state, and federal levels.  

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Course Content

    • Welcome 00:04:00
    • Who is this course for? 00:03:00
    • Why complete Chief Warden Training? 00:02:00
    • Emergency Planning, Identification and Analysis. Fire Emergencies 00:08:00
    • Medical Emergency 00:01:00
    • Adverse Weather 00:01:00
    • Internal Threats, Visitor Access & Bomb Threats 00:09:00
    • Suspect Items 00:02:00
    • Active Shooter 00:07:00
    • Crowd-related Emergencies 00:09:00
    • Terrorism 00:08:00
    • All things Emergency Control Organisation 00:07:00
    • Emergency Operations Centres 00:01:00
    • Section Introduction and event procedures 00:02:00
    • Notification, Communication, Control.. 00:03:00
    • Emergency Response Equipment and Evacuation 00:05:00
    • Human Behaviour in Emergency Situations 00:06:00
    • Lifts and Escalators, Media, People with Disabilities.. 00:04:00
    • Personal Affects, Traffic Management, Security, Emergency Colour Codes, Recovery 00:03:00
    • Leadership 00:10:00
    • Un-ness, Making Decisions Under Pressure 00:05:00
    • Chief Warden – Who Should we Choose? 00:07:00
    • How to Improve Situational Awareness 00:06:00
    • Decision to Return, Tactical Decision Games, Drills & Exercises 00:15:00
    • Conclusion 00:01:00
    • Resource List 00:01:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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