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This Microsoft Teams Mastery course is designed for professionals who want to thrive in their profession. The course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to become specialised in this sector.

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3 hours, 13 minutes

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April 21, 2024



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More about the course

Mastering Microsoft Teams empowers individuals and teams to collaborate seamlessly in today's digital workplace. This comprehensive course equips participants with the skills to navigate Teams' versatile features, from creating and managing channels to conducting effective meetings and leveraging integrations with other Microsoft 365 apps. Whether you're a team leader, project manager, or an employee striving for productivity and communication excellence, this course provides the essential tools and knowledge to maximize the potential of Microsoft Teams, fostering a culture of collaboration and efficiency within organisations.

You will have the following skills after completing this course:

  • Become more PRODUCTIVE at using Microsoft which will SAVE YOU HOURS per day & ELIMINATE STRESS at work!
  • Increase your Microsoft SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE within HOURS which will GET YOU NOTICED by Top Management & prospective Employers!
  • Master working from home or remotely in just 60 minutes with real examples!
  • Understand Microsoft Word Basics up to creating your first Word document!
  • Create your own Outlook account and use it to organise your emails!
  • ADDED BONUS #2: Free PDF Cheat Sheet on Getting Started With Microsoft Teams!
  • Personal support from a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with 15 years of experience!
  • We teach you how to use Microsoft Office & Teams with CONFIDENCE that will lead to greater opportunities like a HIGHER SALARY and PROMOTIONS!
  • One of the most sought after skills in the current market place and one that pays 3x above standard office jobs!
  • Collaborate with your Team, communicate tasks & work together FAST!
  • Understand Microsoft PowerPoint Basics up to creating your first PowerPoint presentation with animations!

Who will benefit from this course?

The Microsoft Teams Mastery course can benefit a wide range of individuals across different professions and industries. Here are some specific groups that can benefit:
  1. Business Professionals: Anyone working in a business setting, including executives, managers, and employees, can benefit from learning how to effectively utilise Microsoft Teams for communication, collaboration, and project management.
  2. Remote Workers: As remote work becomes increasingly common, individuals who work remotely or in distributed teams can benefit from mastering Microsoft Teams to stay connected, collaborate efficiently, and maintain productivity.
  3. Educators and Students: Teachers, professors, and students can use Microsoft Teams to facilitate online learning, conduct virtual classes, share resources, and collaborate on projects.
  4. IT Professionals: IT professionals responsible for implementing, managing, and supporting technology solutions within organisations can benefit from understanding the technical aspects of Microsoft Teams, including deployment, security, and integration with other systems.
  5. Project Managers: Project managers can leverage Microsoft Teams to streamline communication, organise project-related files, track tasks and deadlines, and foster collaboration among team members.
  6. Human Resources Professionals: HR professionals can use Microsoft Teams for employee onboarding, training, performance management, and internal communications.
  7. Sales and Marketing Teams: Sales and marketing professionals can utilise Microsoft Teams to coordinate campaigns, share sales collateral, conduct virtual meetings with clients, and collaborate on leads and opportunities.
  8. Customer Support Teams: Customer support teams can use Microsoft Teams to communicate internally, collaborate on resolving customer issues, and access relevant resources and information.
  9. Healthcare Professionals: Healthcare providers can use Microsoft Teams for telemedicine appointments, virtual consultations, team collaboration among healthcare professionals, and sharing patient information securely.
  10. Nonprofit Organisations: Nonprofit organisations can utilise Microsoft Teams for internal communication, collaboration among team members, coordination of projects and events, and engaging with donors and volunteers.
Overall, the Microsoft Teams Mastery course is valuable for anyone who wants to maximize their productivity, collaboration, and communication within their organisation or professional environment.

Why Should You Take This Online Course?

  • Expertly Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts: Developed and delivered by BIZTECH MATTERS -Microsoft Office | Finance | SQL.
  • Immediate Recognition with an Instant E-Certificate: After finishing our online course, you will receive an instant E-certificate. This certification acknowledges your dedication and successful course completion, allowing you to demonstrate your newly gained knowledge and skills to potential employers, colleagues, or clients. The E-certificate validates your accomplishments immediately, raising your professional standing.
  • Convenient Online Learning Experience: Because our course is entirely online, you may learn at your own pace and convenience. The course materials are accessible from anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for people with hectic schedules. The curriculum is delivered via captivating videos and extensive reading materials, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
  • Self-paced Learning for Maximum Progress: We recognise that everyone has various learning styles and time commitments. As a result, our online course provides self-paced study. You can work through the course materials independently, allowing for a more personalised learning experience. Our course supports your individual learning preferences, whether you like to immerse yourself in the information or take it step by step.
  • Laptop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility: Our online course is device-compatible to improve accessibility. Whether you choose a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you may easily access and interact with the course contents. This adaptability allows you to learn on the go, incorporating your studies into your everyday routine and maximising your learning possibilities.

Career prospects after completing this course:

Completing a Microsoft Teams Mastery course can significantly enhance your career prospects in various fields and roles where effective communication, collaboration, and project management are essential. Here are some potential career paths and opportunities:
  1. Project Manager: Mastery of Microsoft Teams can make you a valuable asset as a project manager, enabling you to efficiently coordinate teams, track progress, and ensure timely completion of projects.
  2. IT Administrator/Support Specialist: Organisations rely on IT professionals to manage and support their Microsoft Teams environment. Completing the course can qualify you for roles involving team deployment, configuration, maintenance, and user support.
  3. Business Analyst: Understanding how to leverage Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication can enhance your ability to analyse business processes, identify improvement opportunities, and recommend solutions that incorporate Teams functionality.
  4. Digital Workplace Specialist: As organisations increasingly adopt digital workplace technologies, specialists who are proficient in platforms like Microsoft Teams are in high demand. You can pursue roles focused on optimising the digital workplace experience for employees.
  5. Sales and Marketing Specialist: Mastery of Microsoft Teams can benefit sales and marketing professionals by enabling them to collaborate effectively with team members, coordinate campaigns, communicate with clients, and track progress using Teams' features.
  6. Customer Success Manager: Customer success managers can utilise Microsoft Teams to collaborate with internal teams, coordinate customer support efforts, and engage with clients, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.
  7. Educational Technologist: In the education sector, proficiency in Microsoft Teams can lead to roles as an educational technologist or instructional designer, where you can support educators in leveraging Teams for online teaching, collaboration, and student engagement.
  8. Human Resources Specialist: HR professionals can leverage Microsoft Teams for internal communication, employee engagement, training coordination, and virtual onboarding, contributing to a positive employee experience and organisational culture.
  9. Consultant/Trainer: With expertise in Microsoft Teams, you can work as a consultant or trainer, helping organisations optimise their use of Teams, providing guidance on best practices, and conducting training sessions for employees.
  10. Entrepreneur: Mastery of Microsoft Teams can also benefit entrepreneurs and freelancers who rely on virtual collaboration tools to communicate with clients, collaborate with remote teams, and manage projects efficiently.
Overall, completing a Microsoft Teams Mastery course can open up diverse career opportunities across industries and functional areas where effective communication and collaboration are valued.

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Course Content

    • Introduction on Microsoft Teams 00:03:00
    • Free and Paid versions 00:02:00
    • Accessing Teams – Web or Desktop. 00:02:00
    • Installing Desktop,. 00:02:00
    • Managing Teams and Members 00:05:00
    • Inviting Members,. 00:05:00
    • Managing Channels,. 00:08:00
    • Mastering Microsoft Teams – Chat 00:04:00
    • Collaboration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint… 00:10:00
    • Voice & Video Calls 00:05:00
    • Meetings – Available on the Paid version of Microsoft Teams 00:03:00
    • Adding More Apps,. 00:08:00
    • Activity,. 00:02:00
    • Search Bar,. 00:03:00
    • Settings. 00:05:00
    • Multiple Organizations 00:02:00
    • Microsoft Teams Mobile 00:05:00
    • TIP #1 – Forwarding Email 00:03:00
    • TIP#2 – Saving Items 00:01:00
    • TIP #3 – Naming Group Chats 00:01:00
    • TIP #4 – Connectors 00:03:00
    • TIP #5 – Live Captions in Meetings 00:02:00
    • TIP #6 – Top Shortcuts 00:03:00
    • TIP #7 – Customize the Environment 00:02:00
    • TIP #8 – Channel Notifications 00:02:00
    • TIP #9 – Private Channels 00:02:00
    • TIP #10 – Pin Channels 00:01:00
    • TIP #11 – Post Announcements 00:02:00
    • New Word Document and Templates 00:02:00
    • Tabs, Ribbons and Groups 00:03:00
    • Zoom and Rulers in Word 00:02:00
    • Editing the Word Document 00:03:00
    • Insert Pictures with Word 00:06:00
    • Insert Shape and Text Box in Word 00:02:00
    • Review Tab in Word 00:03:00
    • Layout in Word 00:02:00
    • File Options in Word 00:02:00
    • Closing and Reopening in Word 00:01:00
    • New PowerPoint Presentation and Templates 00:02:00
    • Tabs Ribbons and Groups in PowerPoint 00:03:00
    • First Slide and Designing the Slide 00:02:00
    • Home Tab and Updates in PowerPoint 00:02:00
    • Buttons in PowerPoint 00:01:00
    • Inserting Pictures in PowerPoint 00:04:00
    • Presentation Mode 00:01:00
    • Animations Tab 00:05:00
    • File Options in PowerPoint 00:02:00
    • Closing and Reopening in PowerPoint 00:02:00
    • Setting Up Outlook with Accounts 00:03:00
    • Tabs, Ribbons and Groups in Outlook 00:02:00
    • Navigation Bar in Outlook 00:01:00
    • Organizing Outlook with Favorites and Folders 00:03:00
    • Additional Options inside Outlook Tabs 00:01:00
    • Reading, Writing and Receiving Emails 00:08:00
    • Attaching Items in Outlook Mails 00:03:00
    • The View Tab in Outlook. 00:02:00
    • Create a Rule to move emails to a folder 00:04:00
    • Insert a screen shot from Excel 00:02:00
    • Formatting Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:02:00
    • Table Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:02:00
    • Editing Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:05:00
    • Formula Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:03:00
    • Workbook Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:01:00
    • Handy Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 00:05:00
    • What’s Next? 00:00:00
    • 101 Best Microsoft Excel Tips & Tricks E-Book 00:00:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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