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Unlock life's opportunities and conquer challenges. Dive deep into neurological levels, become an attentive listener, and enhance your relationships with the meta-mirror technique. Explore perceptual positions, master the art of persuasion, and decode non-verbal cues. Discover the power of meta-states, NLP strategies, and meta-models. Learn negotiation techniques and apply NLP patterns for improved life, health, career, and business outcomes. Take control of your future with our transformative NLP Masterclass.

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9 hours, 20 minutes

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June 25, 2023



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More about the course

Explore the function of the conscious and unconscious mind, ways to change beliefs, learning stages, and resolving conflict through perceptual positions. This enables a breadth and depth of input on this NLP Masterclass course, where you will be fully supported to achieve your goals.   To create change, one needs to change the way one thinks. With neuro-linguistic skills, anyone can rewire their thoughts and behaviour. You can change feelings, view the past, and approach life by mastering NLP. It can help strengthen communication abilities and improve emotional intelligence.   Juan E. Galvan, a visionary entrepreneur, consultant & marketer, developed this Neuro-Linguistic model to have a positive mentality to help you move forward and succeed at what you want.   Moreover, the course is accredited by the CPD group, and they will earn you the essential 8 CPD points for your Continuous Professional Development.  

You will be able to do the following after completing this course:

  • Get what you want quickly, so life becomes a joy instead of a struggle!
  • Boost confidence to communicate in personal, social, and professional settings effectively!
  • Capture the attention and admiration of people important to you!
  • Win people to your way of thinking on command!
  • Control any conversation!
  • Eliminate fear and insecurity from your life and radiate confidence, assertiveness, and power!
  • Build and nurture harmonious relationships with your family and friends!
  • Make others agree with you quickly without the usual stress and frustration!
  • Establish rapport instantly with anyone you meet!

Who will benefit from this NLP Master Guide course?

Individuals seeking personal growth: This course is ideal for individuals who want to take control of their lives, eliminate fear and insecurity, and radiate confidence and assertiveness. It provides the tools to reprogram thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, leading to personal transformation and growth.
  1. Professionals in various fields: Whether you're a manager, leader, salesperson, therapist, coach, or in any profession that involves communication and influence, this course is invaluable. You'll learn how to effectively influence others, build rapport, and achieve extraordinary results in your career.
  2. Entrepreneurs and business owners: NLP offers powerful strategies for enhancing business results. By mastering the techniques taught in this course, entrepreneurs and business owners can improve their leadership skills, negotiate effectively, motivate teams, and create a positive and successful work environment.
  3. Coaches and therapists: This course will expand your toolkit if you work in coaching or therapy. You'll learn advanced techniques to help clients overcome limitations, reprogram their minds, and achieve lasting change. NLP techniques can significantly enhance your effectiveness as a coach or therapist.
  4. Individuals in relationships: NLP is highly beneficial for improving relationships. Whether it's romantic relationships, family dynamics, or friendships, the course provides insights and techniques to build rapport, understand others better, and communicate effectively. It helps individuals create harmonious and fulfilling connections.
  5. Those interested in personal development: If you have a keen interest in personal development and understanding the intricacies of the human mind, this course offers profound insights and practical tools. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to optimize your personal growth journey and create positive life changes.
  6. Individuals seeking self-improvement: This course is perfect for anyone who wants to enhance their overall well-being and achieve excellence in various areas of life. Applying NLP principles and techniques can improve your health, overcome obstacles, boost confidence, and unleash your full potential.
Regardless of your background or current circumstances, the NLP Master Guide course is designed to benefit individuals from all walks of life. It empowers you to achieve extraordinary results and unlock your true potential.  

Why choose this course?

  • Developed and delivered by Digital Entrepreneur and Business Coach
  • Instant E-certificate of Completion
  • Entirely online
  • Self-paced learning and device-friendly
  • 4/7 Support

Career Prospect of this course?

  1. NLP Practitioner: Completing the NLP Master Guide course can pave the way for a career as an NLP practitioner. As an NLP practitioner, you can help individuals and organizations achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and enhance their personal and professional lives by applying NLP techniques and principles.
  2. Life Coach: With the comprehensive knowledge and skills gained from this course, you can pursue a career as a life coach. By integrating NLP into your coaching practice, you can support clients in setting and achieving goals, improving communication, and transforming limiting beliefs.
  3. Business Consultant: The NLP techniques taught in this course can be highly valuable in business consulting. You can assist organizations in enhancing their communication strategies, leadership development, team dynamics, and overall performance. NLP can be applied to improve sales, negotiation skills, and customer relationships.
  4. Human Resources Professional: HR professionals can benefit greatly from the NLP Master Guide course. The skills acquired can facilitate effective team communication and conflict resolution, improve employee engagement, and provide valuable insights for talent development and recruitment processes.
  5. Trainer or Speaker: Armed with the knowledge and techniques from the NLP Master Guide course, you can pursue a career as a trainer or speaker in personal development, communication skills, or leadership. You can deliver workshops, seminars, or keynote presentations, helping individuals and organizations unleash their potential and achieve extraordinary results.
  6. Therapist or Counselor: If you are already in therapy or counselling, the NLP Master Guide course can enhance your practice. Integrating NLP techniques can provide additional tools for helping clients overcome challenges, manage emotions, and create positive change in their lives.
  7. Personal Development Professional: This course opens up opportunities for personal development. You can create coaching or training programs, write books, develop online courses, or offer one-on-one coaching services to help individuals achieve extraordinary life results.
The career prospects of completing the NLP Master Guide course are diverse and depend on your interests and aspirations. This course equips you with highly sought-after skills in personal development, coaching, consulting, and various professional fields, allowing you to make a positive impact while pursuing a fulfilling career.  

Industry Expert Instructor

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Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer | Visionary

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Course Content

    • NLP Masterclass – Course Introduction 00:07:00
    • How To Benefit Most From Course 00:02:00
    • What Exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? 00:10:00
    • The Foundational Pillars of NLP 00:10:00
    • The Presuppositions of NLP That Will Change Your Life 00:26:00
    • How The Conscious & Unconscious Mind Works 00:06:00
    • The Power Of Setting Outcomes 00:05:00
    • Why You Need To Think In Outcomes 00:04:00
    • The Right Way To Structure Outcomes 00:11:00
    • How Beliefs Are Formed & How We Can Change Them 00:21:00
    • The Stages of Learning 00:10:00
    • How To Get Into “The Learning Zone” 00:05:00
    • How To Solve Any Problem With Neurological Levels 00:05:00
    • The Language of Neurological Levels 00:08:00
    • How To Resolve Conflict With Perceptual Positions 00:06:00
    • How To Improve Relationships With The Meta Mirror 00:08:00
    • How To Easily Build Rapport & Trust 00:07:00
    • How To Persuade Others With Pacing & Leading 00:11:00
    • How We Make Sense of The World 00:06:00
    • How The 5 Representational Systems Work 00:09:00
    • How To Read People With Accessing Cues 00:05:00
    • How To Create Your Reality With Visualization 00:05:00
    • How To Become A Better Listener 00:03:00
    • How To Get In Touch With Your Feelings 00:06:00
    • How To Develop Your Kinesthetic Awareness 00:03:00
    • How To Translate Representational Systems 00:07:00
    • How To Understand What People Are Really Saying 00:06:00
    • How To Design Your Dream Life With Future Pacing 00:08:00
    • Mental Rehearsal Exercise 00:09:00
    • How Emotional States Work 00:05:00
    • How To Control Your State 00:12:00
    • How To Create A New Behavior With Anchors 00:06:00
    • How To Immediately Change State 00:06:00
    • How To Stop Worrying With Meta States 00:03:00
    • How We Structure Our Experience With Submodalities 00:12:00
    • Change Unwanted Behavior With The Swish Technique 00:07:00
    • How To Learn From Past Experiences Exercise 00:06:00
    • How To Organize Your Life With Timelines 00:08:00
    • The NLP Strategies 00:08:00
    • How To Effectively Use Strategies 00:12:00
    • How To Find Out What Strategy People Are Using 00:04:00
    • How To Generate New Behavior With This Strategy 00:05:00
    • The Power of Communication 00:05:00
    • Why We Delete, Generalize & Distort Information 00:05:00
    • The Power of Questions 00:04:00
    • The Meta Model Overview 00:06:00
    • The Meta Model Patterns 00:15:00
    • How To Effectively Use Metal Model 00:04:00
    • Understanding The Unconscious Mind 00:05:00
    • The Milton Model 00:08:00
    • How To Use The Milton Model 00:12:00
    • Understanding The Filter of Experience 00:04:00
    • The Power of Chunking 00:06:00
    • Negotiation Strategies 00:02:00
    • Parts Integration 00:12:00
    • Congruence and Incongruence 00:05:00
    • How To Influence & Persuade With Framing 00:09:00
    • The 5 Problem Solving Frames 00:04:00
    • Understanding our Behavior, Values and Intentions 00:03:00
    • How To Change The Meaning of Something With Reframing 00:18:00
    • NLP and System Thinking 00:07:00
    • The Principal Elements of NLP 00:11:00
    • How To Apply NLP Patterns 00:04:00
    • NLP Patterns: What To Use & Where 00:10:00
    • How To Live A Fulfilling Live With The NLP Presuppositions 00:17:00
    • NLP Masterclass – Resources 00:01:00
    • NLP Masterclass – Final Exam 01:00:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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