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This Public Speaking Skills- Art of Self Transformation course is designed for professionals who want to thrive in their profession. The course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to become specialised in this sector.

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3 hours, 14 minutes

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April 4, 2024



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More about the course

In the Public Speaking Skills- Art of Self Transformation course, participants embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the art of public speaking. This dynamic program is meticulously designed to equip individuals with the essential tools and techniques to communicate confidently and effectively in any setting. Through a combination of practical exercises, interactive workshops, and personalised coaching, participants learn to harness the power of their voice, conquer stage fright, and captivate audiences with authenticity and charisma. By mastering the nuances of body language, vocal modulation, and storytelling, students not only refine their public speaking prowess but also undergo a profound personal metamorphosis, emerging as confident, compelling, and influential communicators ready to make a lasting impact in both their personal and professional lives.

You will have the following skills after completing this course:

  • Talk Effectively while talking with 2 or more people
  • Kill Stage Fear and Build Self Confidence

Who will benefit from this course?

The Public Speaking Skills - Art of Self Transformation course can benefit a wide range of individuals who are looking to improve their communication and presentation abilities. Here are some groups who may particularly benefit from such a course:
  1. Professionals: Employees seeking to enhance their public speaking skills to excel in their careers, whether in sales, management, or leadership roles. Effective communication is often crucial for professional success.
  2. Students: High school or college students who want to improve their presentation skills for class projects, debates, or future career opportunities.
  3. Entrepreneurs: Those starting their own businesses who need to pitch ideas to potential investors, partners, or customers.
  4. Public Figures: Politicians, activists, or community leaders who need to communicate their messages effectively to large audiences.
  5. Job Seekers: Individuals looking to enhance their interview skills to stand out in competitive job markets.
  6. Introverts: People who may struggle with public speaking but want to overcome their fears and develop confidence in speaking in front of others.
  7. Trainers and Coaches: Professionals who train others or conduct workshops can refine their speaking skills to deliver more impactful sessions.
  8. Individuals Seeking Personal Growth: Anyone interested in self-improvement and personal development can benefit from honing their public speaking abilities, which can lead to increased confidence, clarity of thought, and better articulation of ideas.
  9. Leaders: Executives, managers, and team leaders who need to inspire and motivate their teams through effective communication.
  10. Non-Native Speakers: Individuals for whom English or another language is not their first language can use such a course to improve their language skills and confidence in public speaking.
In summary, the Public Speaking Skills - Art of Self Transformation course can be valuable for a diverse range of individuals who aim to enhance their communication abilities and achieve personal and professional growth.

Why Should You Take This Online Course?

  • Expertly Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts: Developed and delivered by UDAYKUMAR TALLOJU -Certified Inpatient Medical Coder.
  • Immediate Recognition with an Instant E-Certificate: After finishing our online course, you will receive an instant E-certificate. This certification acknowledges your dedication and successful course completion, allowing you to demonstrate your newly gained knowledge and skills to potential employers, colleagues, or clients. The E-certificate validates your accomplishments immediately, raising your professional standing.
  • Convenient Online Learning Experience: Because our course is entirely online, you may learn at your own pace and convenience. The course materials are accessible from anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for people with hectic schedules. The curriculum is delivered via captivating videos and extensive reading materials, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
  • Self-paced Learning for Maximum Progress: We recognise that everyone has various learning styles and time commitments. As a result, our online course provides self-paced study. You can work through the course materials independently, allowing for a more personalised learning experience. Our course supports your individual learning preferences, whether you like to immerse yourself in the information or take it step by step.
  • Laptop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility: Our online course is device-compatible to improve accessibility. Whether you choose a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you may easily access and interact with the course contents. This adaptability allows you to learn on the go, incorporating your studies into your everyday routine and maximising your learning possibilities.

Career prospects after completing this course:

Completing a Public Speaking Skills - Art of Self Transformation course can significantly enhance your career prospects across various fields. Here are some potential career paths where improved public speaking skills can make a substantial difference:
  1. Business and Management: Effective communication is crucial in management roles. Improved public speaking skills can help you excel in leadership positions, whether you're leading meetings, delivering presentations to clients or stakeholders, or motivating your team.
  2. Sales and Marketing: Sales professionals who can articulate their product benefits persuasively are often more successful. Similarly, marketers who can present their campaigns effectively can drive better results.
  3. Education: Teachers, professors, and educators at all levels benefit from strong public speaking skills to engage students, deliver lectures, and conduct seminars effectively.
  4. Politics and Public Service: Public speaking is a fundamental skill for politicians, government officials, and public servants. It's essential for delivering speeches, rallying support, and communicating policies effectively.
  5. Media and Journalism: Journalists, reporters, and media personalities often need to speak confidently in front of cameras, conduct interviews, and deliver reports to audiences.
  6. Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and startup founders must pitch their ideas to investors, partners, and potential clients. Strong public speaking skills can help them secure funding, partnerships, and customers.
  7. Consulting and Training: Consultants and trainers who can deliver engaging presentations and workshops are highly sought after. Improved public speaking skills can open up opportunities in this field.
  8. Healthcare and Medicine: Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals need to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues, and stakeholders. Public speaking skills can enhance patient care, presentations at conferences, and teaching sessions.
  9. Nonprofit and NGO Work: Professionals working in nonprofits and NGOs often need to advocate for causes, raise funds, and mobilize support. Strong public speaking skills can amplify their impact.
  10. Technology and IT: Even in technical fields, the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly is essential. Engineers, developers, and IT professionals can benefit from improved public speaking skills when presenting projects, leading teams, or training others.
In summary, completing a Public Speaking Skills - Art of Self Transformation course can open doors to various career paths and enhance your effectiveness and success in whichever field you choose to pursue.

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Certified Inpatient Medical Coder

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Course Content

    • ART OF SELF TRANSFORMATION – Welcome Guys!! 00:04:00
    • ART OF SELF TRANSFORMATION – Congratulations 00:03:00
    • No Skill is Natural All were Learnable Skills and transform to “NATURAL” 00:10:00
    • How to Talk Effectively? 00:03:00
    • Why you need to be a Student of Presentation Skill OR Public Speaking Skills? 00:06:00
    • Understand the Key Elements of Course 00:04:00
    • Why People don’t Learn Presentation Skills OR Public Speaking Skills? 00:03:00
    • #1 Unlearn Excuses, Kill this Unlearning First 00:03:00
    • #2 Unlearn Excuses, Stage Fear is like any other Fear 00:02:00
    • #3 Unlearn Excuses, My English is not Good? 00:02:00
    • #4 Unlearn Excuses, Going Blank!!! 00:02:00
    • #5 Unlearn Excuses, Feeling Nervous 00:02:00
    • #6 Unlearn Excuses, Inconsistency? 00:03:00
    • #7 Unlearn Excuses, WHY I need to LEARN?? 00:03:00
    • #8 Unlearn Excuses, Background 00:05:00
    • Is this happened with you? 00:06:00
    • When was the last time you invested money for Self Development 00:05:00
    • When was the last time you got an opportunity to talk in front of people? 00:03:00
    • #1 HOOKING, Pause and Pan Technique 00:03:00
    • #2 HOOKING, Smile Technique 00:05:00
    • Pro Tip for Even before Starting 00:10:00
    • Unlearning to Start any Speech or Presentation. 00:04:00
    • #1 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “I Remember” 00:04:00
    • #2 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “Appreciate” 00:02:00
    • #3 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “You Focus” 00:02:00
    • Interruption Why I Need to learn this?????? 00:04:00
    • #4 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “Imagine” 00:03:00
    • #5 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “Common” 00:02:00
    • #6 How to Start any Speech or Presentation? “Numbers” 00:03:00
    • 6 Methods for IMPRESSIVE Body Language – Body Language Introduction 00:03:00
    • Which Body part included for Body Language 00:04:00
    • #1 Body Language, “EYES” 00:05:00
    • #2 Body Language, “LIPS” 00:02:00
    • #3 Body Language, “NECK” 00:03:00
    • #4 Body Language, “SHOULDERS” 00:03:00
    • #5 Body Language, “HANDS” 00:10:00
    • #6 Body Language, “LEGS” 00:07:00
    • Body Language Brief Summary 00:00:00
    • #1 Vocal Variety VST Technique, “VOLUME” 00:02:00
    • #2 Vocal Variety VST Technique, “SPEED” 00:05:00
    • #1 Vocal Variety VST Technique, “TONE” 00:05:00
    • Vocal Variety VST Technique, “QUICK SUMMARY” 00:05:00
    • When was the Last time you got an opportunity to talk in front of People# 00:03:00
    • Smile Boss Smile COC Certificate of Confidence) 00:05:00
    • Unlearning Don’t use “I HOPE” 00:02:00
    • Speak up to the “EARS” 00:02:00
    • I Strongly Believe 00:02:00
    • When talk about Background? 00:02:00
    • Use Focus as Connection 00:01:00
    • What people can expect from you by end of the talk? 00:01:00
    • Magical Word “MOST” 00:01:00
    • Use “SIGNIFICANCE” 00:01:00
    • Public Speaking Skills – Closing Message 00:03:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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