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Manage stress and anxiety with valuable insights and effective strategies from The Stress & Anxiety Management course by Elmira Strange. The course covers the distinction between 'good stress' (Eustress) and 'bad stress' (Distress), the impact of stress on our lives, and the role of addictions in coping with stress. The instructor also demonstrates stress-reducing techniques, exploring medication treatments (Pharmacology) and the influence of nutrition on stress management.

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3 hours, 43 minutes

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January 23, 2024



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More about the course

Welcome to our Stress & Anxiety Management course, where we aim to equip you with practical tools and strategies to navigate the challenges of modern life with resilience and calm. In this course you will learn about Psychology of Stress- and Anxiety related disorders and their management. Most people know what 'stress' and 'anxiety' are but cannot tell you what is possible to do in order to effectively manage the disorders related to these experiences. Here in this course you will find out what 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder', 'Social Anxiety Disorder', 'Burnout', and 'Panic Disorder' are among others. You will also find out what kinds of therapy and techniques are considered to be the best by psychologists today, what medications are typically prescribed for 'anxiety disorders', and how to reduce the state of 'panic' or 'anxiety' through various breathing techniques that work at instant. This course will give you a basic but thorough knowledge on Psychology of 'stress' and 'anxiety disorders' after which you will know how to self-manage them and the advice you can give to others related to coping with stress and anxieties.

You will have the following skills after completing this course:

  • You will gain knowledge related to stress- and anxiety disorders
  • You will have an understanding of stress management
  • You will be able to explain 'the nature' of stress- and anxiety related disorders
  • You will know how to de-stress yourself and others around you!

Who will benefit from this course?

The Stress & Anxiety Management: Psychology course by Elmira Strange benefits a wide range of individuals seeking to understand and effectively manage stress and anxiety. The course is particularly valuable for:
  1. Individuals experiencing high-stress levels: This course provides valuable insights into the causes and effects of stress, offering practical techniques and strategies to manage and reduce stress levels effectively.
  2. People dealing with anxiety disorders: For individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders, this course offers a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and provides psychotherapeutic techniques that can be applied to manage and alleviate anxiety symptoms.
  3. Students and professionals in psychology and mental health fields: This course is an excellent resource for students and professionals in psychology and mental health-related fields, enhancing their knowledge of stress and anxiety management techniques and providing evidence-based approaches to incorporate into their practice.
  4. Anyone interested in personal development and well-being: The course offers insights and tools for personal growth, helping individuals develop resilience, cope with challenges, and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Individuals interested in self-help and self-improvement: If you want to understand stress and anxiety better and develop practical skills to overcome them, this course provides a comprehensive framework to achieve personal growth and well-being.
Regardless of background or profession, this course is designed to benefit anyone seeking to improve their understanding of stress and anxiety and acquire practical tools for managing these challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Why Should You Take This Online Course?

  • Expertly Designed and Delivered by Industry Experts: Developed and delivered by ELMIRA STRANGE -Motivational Psychologist.
  • Immediate Recognition with an Instant E-Certificate: After finishing our online course, you will receive an instant E-certificate. This certification acknowledges your dedication and successful course completion, allowing you to demonstrate your newly gained knowledge and skills to potential employers, colleagues, or clients. The E-certificate validates your accomplishments immediately, raising your professional standing.
  • Convenient Online Learning Experience: Because our course is entirely online, you may learn at your own pace and convenience. The course materials are accessible from anywhere and anytime, making it ideal for people with hectic schedules. The curriculum is delivered via captivating videos and extensive reading materials, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.
  • Self-paced Learning for Maximum Progress: We recognise that everyone has various learning styles and time commitments. As a result, our online course provides self-paced study. You can work through the course materials independently, allowing for a more personalised learning experience. Our course supports your individual learning preferences, whether you like to immerse yourself in the information or take it step by step.
  • Laptop, tablet, and smartphone compatibility: Our online course is device-compatible to improve accessibility. Whether you choose a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you may easily access and interact with the course contents. This adaptability allows you to learn on the go, incorporating your studies into your everyday routine and maximising your learning possibilities.

Career prospects after completing this course:

Completing the Stress & Anxiety Management: Psychology course by Elmira Strange can open up various job prospects in mental health counsellor career mental health and well-being. Some potential career paths and job prospects related to this course include:
  1. Stress and Anxiety Coach: With the knowledge and practical techniques gained from this course, you can work as a stress and anxiety coach, helping individuals develop coping strategies, manage stress, and overcome anxiety.
  2. Mental Health Counselor: This course provides a solid foundation for understanding stress and anxiety, making it a beneficial qualification for individuals interested in pursuing a mental health counsellor career. You can support clients in managing stress and anxiety-related issues through counselling and therapy.
  3. Wellness Consultant: Many organizations and companies prioritize employee well-being and stress management. By completing this course, you can work as a wellness consultant, providing guidance and implementing stress management programs to improve employee productivity and overall well-being.
  4. Life Coach: The course equips you with valuable skills to help individuals overcome stress and anxiety barriers and achieve personal growth. As a life coach, you can support clients in setting goals, managing stress, and enhancing overall well-being.
  5. Health Educator: With the knowledge gained from this course, you can pursue a career as a health educator, conducting workshops and educational programs on stress and anxiety management in various settings such as schools, community centres, or healthcare organizations.
  6. Corporate Trainer: Many organizations seek trainers to deliver workshops and training sessions on stress management and well-being. This course can prepare you to work as a corporate trainer, helping employees understand and manage stress effectively.
  7. Online Course Creator: If you are passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge, you can utilize the insights gained from this course to create online courses or workshops on stress and anxiety management.
These are just a few examples of the job prospects that are completing the Stress & Anxiety Management: Psychology course can offer. The skills and knowledge acquired through this course can be applied in various professional settings, allowing you to impact individuals' well-being and mental health positively.

Industry Expert Instructor

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MPhil, a UK Research Psychologist and international expert in Psychology & Counselling.

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Course Content

    • About the Instructor 00:03:00
    • About the Course 00:04:00
    • What is ‘Stress’? 00:09:00
    • How does ‘stress’ affect us? 00:09:00
    • Why do we experience ‘stress’ differently? 00:10:00
    • ‘Good stress’ (Eustress) Vs ‘Bad stress’ (Distress) 00:09:00
    • ‘Stress’ and ‘Burnout’ 00:09:00
    • Coping with stress as an individual 00:09:00
    • Low ability (inability) to cope with stressors 00:07:00
    • What do people use to cope with stress? 00:10:00
    • ‘Addictions’ and Coping with ‘Stress’ 00:09:00
    • ‘Breathing’ in Stress Management 00:08:00
    • Stress-Reducing Techniques 00:10:00
    • Medication Treatments (Pharmacology) – Part 1 00:06:00
    • Medication Treatments (Pharmacology) – Part 2 00:04:00
    • Nutrition and ‘Stress’ – Part 1 00:04:00
    • Nutrition and ‘Stress’ – Part 2 00:06:00
    • What do we call ‘anxiety’? 00:06:00
    • What is the difference between ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’? 00:07:00
    • When does ‘anxiety’ become an ‘anxiety disorder’? 00:05:00
    • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) 00:08:00
    • Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) 00:08:00
    • Panic Disorder 00:07:00
    • ‘Addictions’ and Anxiety Disorders 00:10:00
    • Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders 00:08:00
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Disorders 00:09:00
    • Mindfulness & Mindfulness Based Therapy (MBT) 00:11:00
    • Medial Treatments (Pharmacology) 00:05:00
    • Anxiety-Reducing Techniques 00:10:00
    • Good Bye and Thank You! 00:02:00
    • Stress & Anxiety Management – Resources 00:01:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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