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Course Central equally shares the course profits, 50/50, with you. With no secret hosting charges, you'll be able to start earning instantly.

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We have a huge number of existing audience who are eager to learn, and all promotion is handled by the expert marketing team of Course Central.

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We know that teaching comes first. We will manage all uploads of course materials, promotion, and student enquiries when you partner with Course Central.

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Our goal is to make learning scalable, cost-effective and open to all. By following these basic steps, partner with us!

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FAQs (Frequently ask a question)

Course Central is an online training institution in the UK and registered provider (UKPRN: 10087750).
We helped thousands of professionals to grow and achieve career success. Course Central is equipped with latest audio-visual technology and highly qualified professionals with more than 30 years combined industry experience.

Course Central is a UK based e-learning institute, however we have no country or gender restriction to enrol in our courses. Sometimes age restriction matter for some courses, generally people with 13 and over can enrol on our courses.

Course Central is a multi niche e-learning provider so we provide all types of courses. So, you can deal with us with any type of online course you may have.

After you sign the contract, we will create an Instructor profile for you, from that you can easily monitor the course performance, students details etc. However, due to Data Protection Law, we could not be able to give you permission to use our student data for any business purpose.

We have a dedicated student support team who work 24/7, they would support students on behalf of the instructors. You don’t need to spend time with students at all. We would take care of that.

We do provide the courses on our platform and apart from that we have third party platform who advertise our courses.

We do email marketing PPC and paid marketing on social media.

We do not edit any course content which is provided by the instructor. However, we do make bundle offer on our website or third party.

Based on instructor permission we do the process. It can based on your all courses on similar courses. If we make any bundle with our or any different instructor courses there revenue will be separated accordingly.

We will definitely add accreditation with your courses. For this process instructor do not need to make any payment.

Also, if you have any accreditation with your course which we can use that will be great.

You can terminate your contact any time you want. After that, we won’t advertise your courses on our platform. We will vanish your courses so that already purchased can study. Once they complete the course, we will remove your course content completely from our website.

If you wish to remove your courses straight away then we will refund the amount to the learner and your part of share will be deduct too.

Once we live your courses on our platform after that we will ask for your bank details or PayPal id. We share the profit after each month. You will receive your share in the first week of each month.

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