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How to Make Soap at Home A-Z

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In this course, we will start at the soap making basics such as safety and look at how to choose the best ingredients, for the specific type of soap you would like to make. Different oils and ingredients produce very different end results in soap.

We dive into detailed recipe formulation, often soap making books lack in this area, and only supply already formulated recipes. These recipes often contain oils that might not be available or are just too expensive to start out with. If you know how to formulate a balanced soap recipe, you can adapt these recipes to your needs and the ingredients that are available to you. You can also simply formulate your own awesomely unique recipes from scratch.

I’m also showing you in detail how to use a free online Soap/Lye Calculator with all the extra’s available to make inventory management and product costing a breeze.

We also cover labeling requirements and laws from different countries, just because many soap making hobby’s transition into micro (and Macro) businesses. Many places also have legal requirements like insurance, even for donations.

I also cover various other ingredients, like natural and synthetic colorants and fragrances, exfoliators, different soap making methods, and the pro’s and con’s for each one, so that you can choose what will work best for you.

There is a whole unit just on troubleshooting, where you will be able to identify problems and find solutions to fix or avoid them in the future. Although if you follow the guidelines given in this course, you can avoid many of these problems altogether.

The bonus section can help you save money, especially if you are new to soap making. It includes tutorials on DIY soap molds and soap cutter. Extra information is available on how to choose the right equipment that is suited for soap making, this will help you to avoid unnecessary or costly purchases.

The heart of this course is to get you started from ground zero and give you the knowledge to be able to launch a business and make the journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible, soap making is supposed to be therapeutic and fun 🙂

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