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Explore using the I²C protocol to interface different devices with your Arduino. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of I²C, the bus library's primary functions, and install it in projects. Code I²C and read data from a practical example: the DS1307 Data and Time IC

Course Instructor

1 hour, 55 minutes

Last updated

April 21, 2023


£13.99 inc. VAT

More about the course

What you will learn?

  • What is I²C and how it works
  • Advantages of I²C
  • Disadvantages of I²C
  • I²C Operation
  • Main I²C Bus Library Functions
  • Interface different devices with Arduino using I²C
  • How to implement I²C in your project
  • What is the difference between I²C and other communication methods
  • Why using I²C will make your life easier
  • How to code I²C the right way and how to talk to multiple devices easily
  • A practical example of I²C enabled DS1307 Data and Time IC and how to read data from it using I²C

Is this course for you?

  • Anyone interested in talking to multiple devices easily via I²C the right way
  • Anyone Interested in Interfacing Arduino with other ICs or devices via I²C
  • Anyone Interested in Controlling different devices using I²C Protocol
  • Arduino Lovers
  • Microcontrollers Geeks

Why Choose Course?

  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive Text course
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone-friendly
  • 24/7 Tutor Support


Upon successful completion of this course, an instant e-certificate will be generated free of charge. The digital version of the course transcript is available for £2.99. We can post the printed copy to your address. A delivery charge of £4.99 for the UK & £12.99 outside of the UK is applied.

Industry Expert Instructor

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Professional Mechatronics Engineer

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Course Content

    • Introduction 00:04:00
    • Who We Are? 00:05:00
    • What is I2C 00:04:00
    • Things Your Need to Know about I2C 00:11:00
    • Where to use i2c communication 00:03:00
    • Advantages to I2C 00:07:00
    • Disadvantages to I2C 00:04:00
    • Software Requirements 00:00:00
    • Operation of I2C Bus 00:08:00
    • I2C Pins in Arduino 00:03:00
    • Arduino Wire Library I2C Functions 00:10:00
    • Circuit Design 00:04:00
    • Coding 00:19:00
    • Arduino to DS1307 Time and Date Module Circuit Design 00:07:00
    • Download and Install Proteus Software 00:11:00
    • Download and Install Arduino Software 00:09:00
    • Download and Install Circuit Design and Wiring Software 00:06:00

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