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Mental Health

Prioritise mental well-being with our transformative courses. Whether you’re a therapist, counsellor, or seeking personal growth, our offerings empower you to understand, support, and heal mental health challenges.

   Featured Courses:

  1. Child & Adolescent Counselling: Learn to provide essential support for young minds. Explore Course

  2. Psychology & Therapy of Addictions: Gain insights into addiction psychology and treatment strategies. Explore Course

  3. Treating PTSD, Trauma & Phobias: Discover the Rewind Technique to address trauma. Explore Course

  4. Understanding & Treating Depression: Learn to tackle depression effectively. Explore Course

 Explore more courses: Elevate your understanding of mental health. Explore our complete range of courses at and embark on a journey to support mental wellness.

Forensic Psychology

5( 5 REVIEWS )
 94£49.99 inc. VAT

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

5( 5 REVIEWS )
 82£54.99 inc. VAT

Psychology of Older Age : Gerontology

5( 5 REVIEWS )
 68£30.99 inc. VAT

Introduction To Child Psychology

5( 5 REVIEWS )
 57£30.99 inc. VAT
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