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British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 is an exciting and engaging way to the rich and vibrant world of BSL. This course will introduce you to the basics of BSL. Develop your signing skills to communicate with people.

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3 hours, 7 minutes

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November 21, 2023



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More about the course

With a focus on hands-on learning, you'll start by exploring the art of fingerspelling. A technique enables you to spell words letter by letter using hand gestures. Explore the tools you need to exchange personal information with others. It may include name, age, and occupation. Next, you'll dive into the world of BSL numbers. Understand sign time, calendar, and money. You'll Feel confident discussing more complex topics with your Deaf interlocutors. You'll also discover the signs for colours. Things will come in handy when describing your favourite clothes and food. The world of BSL is a vibrant one. You'll have the chance to explore it in more depth. Explore families, transport, weather, and direction. Also, activities and hobbies, including sports. A great way to connect with others who share your interests. One of the most exciting aspects of BSL is the ability to describe a person's clothing. Explore to do this in a fun and engaging way. Know more about animals, foods and drinks. These two subjects are sure to spark your imagination and bring a smile to your face. Steve Hurley is a British Sign Language (BSL) tutor and Deaf Awareness trainer. He guides communication skills with individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. He demonstrates basic sign language vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. The goal of Steve Hurley's work is to promote inclusion and understanding. Also, those not breaking down the barriers to communication and interaction often exist.

Is this course for you?

The benefits of learning BSL vary, from improving your communication skills and broadening your cultural horizons. Make new friends and develop a greater understanding. Learning BSL will also enhance your employability. It's an in-demand skill. Employers across a wide range of industries recognise its essential presence. The BSL alphabet is another crucial aspect of the language. You'll learn how to sign the letters of the alphabet. This will give you the foundation for building your signing skills. You'll also explore asking simple questions. This is a crucial part of any conversation. You'll have the opportunity to put your skills into practice. Explore, understand and introduce yourself.

Why Choose The British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 course?

  • Developed and delivered by Qualified industry experts
  • Instant E-certificate of Completion
  • Entirely online
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, and smartphone-friendly
  • 24/7 Support

Industry Expert Instructor

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BSL (British Sign Language)

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Course Content

    • What is British Sign Language 00:01:00
    • What is Fingerspelling A to Z 00:03:00
    • A to Z FINGERSPELLING Spin the Wheel 00:05:00
    • A-Z Fingerspelling Subtitles 00:01:00
    • A to Z Spin the Wheel (Longer Version) 00:04:00
    • HANDOUT STUDY A to Z of Names 00:02:00
    • A to Z of 1st Names in three parts 00:07:00
    • QUIZ – Fill in the Blank – Fingerspelling 00:02:00
    • What is my Name and Live, Where_ (UK) 00:03:00
    • Meeting People and Introduction with Subtitles 00:02:00
    • Questions Sign with with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • FAMILIES SIGNS PART 1 with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • FAMILIES SIGNS Part 2 with Subtitles 00:02:00
    • Who is my family 00:05:00
    • QUIZ- Who is my family_ 00:05:00
    • Numbers Signs (0-100) 00:05:00
    • Number 0 to 10 Spin the Wheel 00:02:00
    • Number 0 to 20 Spin the Wheel 00:04:00
    • Numbers Homework 00:02:00
    • Bingo Numbers Games 00:04:00
    • Calendar Signs with Subtitles 00:05:00
    • Which day_month is today 00:06:00
    • What is the Time 00:01:00
    • What is the time with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Spin the Wheel What is the Time 00:10:00
    • QUIZ- When is your Birthday 00:02:00
    • Signs with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Colours Signs 00:01:00
    • Colours Games 00:03:00
    • QUIZ- Draw a Colour Elephant 00:02:00
    • Numbers Signs (0-100) 00:05:00
    • Transports Signs with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Transport and Time Signs with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Transports and fingerspellling Fill in the Gap 00:02:00
    • Transports and fingerspellling Fill in the Gap ANSWERS 00:02:00
    • Weather Signs with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Weather and Questions with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • What is the Weather and Time 00:01:00
    • QUIZ ANSWER What is the Weather and Time 00:01:00
    • Directions signs 00:02:00
    • Emotional Signs with Subtitles 00:03:00
    • Non Manual Features (NMF)with Subtitles 00:06:00
    • Emotional Signs Homework 00:05:00
    • Affirmative & Negative with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Interests_Hobbies & Activities with Subtitles 00:02:00
    • Sports Signs with Subtitles 00:03:00
    • Hobbies_Interests Questions with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • QUIZ- Sports Clubs 00:06:00
    • Description of a Person with Subtitles 00:04:00
    • Describing Clothes with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • QUIZ- Describe of a Person and wearing what 00:03:00
    • A-Z of Animals with Subtitles 00:02:00
    • Questions about Pets with subtitles 00:01:00
    • Quiz- About Pets 00:02:00
    • Money signs (Part 1) with Subtitles 00:01:00
    • Money Signs (Part 2) with subtitles 00:01:00
    • QUIZ- Money How much is it 00:01:00
    • Foods & Drinks with Subtitles 00:09:00
    • Asking Questions about Refreshments with Subtitles 00:02:00
    • Foods & Drinks Menu with Images 00:09:00
    • At the Restaurant 00:10:00
    • BSL LEVEL 1 EXAM 00:04:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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