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Keep your Dog safe, and gain skills to take action in an emergency. This Dog First Aid course explains step-by-step to help your pet or any other dog should an accident happen. Explore pet CPR, canine Heimlich, and reading vital signs. Next, fractures to seizures, choking to drowning, heat stroke to hypothermia, burns to poison, bites to stings and managing a first aid scenario!

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1 year

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October 26, 2023

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Course Duration

5 hours, 31 minutes

Course Instructor

Pet First Aid course is developed and delivered by an animal science and welfare expert with years of experience teaching veterinaries. It has even been featured on BBC London and Channel 4.

Besides earning 4 CPD points for your essential Continuous Professional Development, this course will develop a clear understanding of the common emergencies, first aid kits and signs to identify when to move the pet to a professional veterinarian.  

Explore to assess your dog's vital signs and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if necessary. With step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, you'll be ready to spring into action if your dog stops breathing.

Discover how to administer CPR to your dog, including chest compressions and rescue breaths. Guide yourself through the process & save your dog's life in an emergency.

Knowing, recognising and responding to shock is crucial in a life-threatening situation. Mark the signs of shock, and take the right actions to stabilise your pet until professional help arrives.

If your dog is bleeding, acting fast is essential. You'll understand to apply direct pressure, elevate the wound, and apply a bandage to stop the bleeding.

This Canine First Aid will show you how to apply a limb and an ear bandage to protect wounds and prevent infection. With hands-on practice, you'll be ready to bandage your Pet like a pro.

Fractures can be painful and debilitating for your Pet. You'll be able to recognise the signs of a fracture, immobilise the affected limb, and when to seek professional help.

Seizures can be a frightening experience for both you and your Pet. Notice the signs of a seizure, keep your dog safe during a seizure, and when to seek veterinary care.

In a choking emergency, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Sharpen your skill to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre, clear an obstructed airway, and respond to drowning emergencies.

Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for your Pet. Recognise the signs of heat stroke and hypothermia, prevent these conditions, and treat them if they occur.

Burns and scalds can be painful and cause long-term damage. Develop your understanding of recognising and treating different types of burns and how to prevent burn injuries from happening in the first place.

Poisoning can be a severe threat to your dog's health. This course will guide you to recognise the signs of poisoning, prevent poisoning incidents, and what to do if your dog ingests poison.

Bites and stings from insects, snakes, and other animals can cause pain, swelling, and infection. Explore to recognise and treat different types of bites and stings and prevent your dog from getting bitten or stung in the first place.

At the end of this course, you can

  • handle an emergency.
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to administer first aid to an animal.

Is this course for you?

Appropriately applied, Pet First Aid can reduce pain, improve outcomes and give you peace of mind that you can do the best for your pet. For many people, their dog truly is their best friend, so should their canine companion need medical help, having the security of having completed a dog first aid course can prove to be invaluable.

This Pet First Aid course is suitable for dog owners, dog walkers, canine groomers, Pet carers/sitters, trainers, Pet kennels/hotels, animal behaviourists, and pet professionals. It is not limited to this.

Many emergencies may arise at home or on a walk involving your canine friend. Being fully prepared to act quickly and effectively in those moments is essential.

If you work with dogs obtaining your Pet First aid certification can impress potential employers. It can also help you gain your client's trust and ensure the animals in your care are safe. This course aims to empower all canine lovers with the skills and confidence to help their Pets– in those vital minutes before they can get to a Vet.

Why Choose Pet First Aid course?

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive course with Professional voice-over
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, and smartphone-friendly
  • Tutor Support

Career Path

Pet First Aid has many opportunities for any canine lover due to its popular demand. This course will add transferable skills for Animal Physical therapists, veterinary care assistants, zoo keepers, pet care attendants, laboratory animal caretakers, dog walkers, pet care specialists, dog groomers and more. The salary expectation can grow from £18,000 per annum to £24,000 per annum.

Industry Expert Instructor

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Principal, Animal Academy

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Course Content

    • Introduction FREE 00:12:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 1 – Introduction 00:20:00
    • Collapse & Unconsciousness 00:12:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 2 – Collapse & Unconsciousness 00:10:00
    • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 00:09:00
    • Administering CPR 00:12:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 3 – CPR 00:10:00
    • Shock 00:11:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 4 – Shock 00:20:00
    • Bleeding 00:16:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 5 – Bleeding 00:20:00
    • Bandaging 00:12:00
    • Apply a limb bandage 00:10:00
    • Apply an Ear Bandage 00:05:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 6 – Bandaging 00:15:00
    • Fractures 00:09:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 7 – Fractures 00:15:00
    • Seizures 00:05:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 8 – Seizures 00:05:00
    • Choking & Drowning 00:07:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 9 – Choking & Drowning 00:03:00
    • Heat Stroke & Hypothermia 00:05:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 10 – Heat Stroke & Hypothermia 00:05:00
    • Burns & Scalds 00:06:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 11 – Burns & Scalds 00:05:00
    • Poisoning 00:10:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 12 – Poisoning 00:05:00
    • Bites & Stings 00:05:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 13 – Bites & Stings 00:05:00
    • Common Emergencies 00:17:00
    • Summary Quiz – Chapter 14 – Common Emergencies 00:15:00
    • Managing a First Aid Scenario 00:05:00
    • Pet First Aid Kit 00:10:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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