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The new Google Apps Script IDE course provides a far-reaching guide to the new Google Apps Script IDE. Sharpen your skill in writing, editing, and deploying scripts using the web-based IDE and explore code autocompletion, debugging, and left-side navigation features.

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March 22, 2023

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Course Duration

1 hour, 47 minutes

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The Google Apps Script IDE course covers the Google Apps Script IDE, including its introduction, debugging, code autocompletion, left-side navigation menu, libraries, services, deployment, and features.

Firstly, you will start with an introduction to the Google Apps Script IDE. The IDE is a web-based script editor that allows developers to write, edit, and run code directly in Google's suite of productivity apps, including Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

Next, you will explore how to debug Apps Script code in the IDE. The debugger will step through code, view and set breakpoints, and examine variables.

You will also look at how to use the autocomplete feature in the IDE to speed up the development process. This feature provides suggestions for code based on your typing, making writing code quickly and efficiently easier.

The left-side navigation menu is an essential part of the IDE, and you will explore its features and how it can help to navigate code and manage your project.

Libraries and services are powerful tools that allow developers to extend the functionality of their Apps Script projects. You will understand using libraries and services in the IDE.

Deployment is the final step in the development process. You will discover how to deploy Apps Script web apps in the IDE. This includes configuring deployment settings and publishing the app.

Lastly, you will examine the various features of the Apps Script IDE, including the script editor, script project dashboard, and script properties.

By the end of this course, you will have a broad understanding of the Google Apps Script IDE and be able to use it to develop powerful scripts and applications for Google's suite of productivity apps.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Power up your Google Suite of Products
  • Increase productivity and do more with Google Services
  • New and Advanced features of the online IDE code editor
  • Quick Coding examples to Send emails and create updated existing documents
  • How to use Command Palette and keyboard shortcuts to code
  • Code examples setting up and running code in Google Apps Script
  • Deploy library and deploy web apps to web URLs
  • Create HTML and Google Script Files

Is this course for you?

This course is ideal for those who work in or aspire to work in the following professions:
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Google Apps Script
  • Gsuite users who want to increase the power of Google Apps
  • Application developers
  • JavaScript Coders
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Google G Suite Users

Why Choose Google Apps Script Guide to the New IDE course?

  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive course with Professional voice-over
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self-paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone-friendly
  • Tutor Support

Career Path

This training course will lead you to many different career opportunities, here are few prospects:
  • Software Developer - £32,483 per annum
  • App Developer - £40,000 per annum
  • Full Stack Developer - £50,000 per annum

Industry Expert Instructor

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Course Content

    • Introduction Apps Script 00:02:00
    • Getting Started with Apps Script 00:07:00
    • What can you do with Apps Script 00:07:00
    • Google Apps Script First Script 00:12:00
    • Google WorkSpace Services Examples 00:02:00
    • IDE Introduction 00:02:00
    • Google Apps Script IDE 00:10:00
    • Apps Script How to Debug 00:09:00
    • Autocomplete Apps Script Code 00:08:00
    • Menu LeftSide Nav Apps Script 00:09:00
    • Apps Script Libraries and Services 00:07:00
    • Deploy Library Apps Script. 00:14:00
    • Apps Script Web App Deploy. 00:09:00
    • Apps Script IDE Features 00:09:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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