Professional Qualification Indian Head Massage course is the perfect course for the professionals. Learn key concepts, strategies regarding use of Indian Head Massage and boost your career with a marketable skill. Learn from the experts and become an expert.

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August 6, 2021

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This Indian Head Massage Diploma course is designed for professionals who want to thrive in their profession. The course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to become specialised in this sector. You will learn real life knowledge and expertise from the industry experts and practitioners from this Indian Head Massage course.
The Indian Head Massage course starts with the basic knowledge of Head Massage and gradually shares expertise knowledge. In this course you will get a complete idea of Head Massage with key concepts, strategies regarding use of it and in-depth knowledge. The Indian Head Massage course is completely an online course. You can access this course from any part of the world with just a smart device and the internet.
By the end of this course, you will get complete knowledge and professional skills. The course also comes with an accredited certificate, which will add extra value to your resume and help you stand out in the job market. In short, Indian Head Massage course is the perfect course to fast track your career. So, why are you waiting? Enrol this course today!

What you will Learn ?

  • Access a fully comprehensive course of study that has has approval from the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists
  • Support your professional development and personal growth
  • Enjoy the many benefits of natural holistic therapy
  • Build your knowledge and confidence in your chosen modality, building upon earlier learing.
  • Useful for ultimate health and wellbeing and share with loved ones and for providing to private paying clients
  • Professional membership and professional insurance (UK and EU students only at present time)

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Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who work in or aspire to work in the following professions:
  • Students who want to learn natural and holistic methods to support health and well-being.
  • Students who want to obtain professional qualification in the modality, access professional membership and insurance.

Why Choose Indian Head Massage course?

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive course with Professional voice-over
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone friendly
  • Tutor Support


By the end of the course, you have to attend an online assessment test. You will get the test results instantly after the assessment test. To be successful in the test you have to obtain a certain pass mark. You can attend assessment tests multiple times, so, if you fail to achieve your desired score you retake the test multiple times till you get your desired score. There is no extra fee included on assessment tests and retake exams.


By the successful completion of your course, you will get an instant accredited e-certificate. Our courses are fully accredited with updated industry knowledge and skills that aim at making you an expert in the field. The hard copy of the certificate is also available and can be sent to your address. The delivery charge is applicable with a shipping cost of £2.99. All the certificates have no expiry dates but to stay updated and valued certificates are recommended to be renewed every year.

Career Path

This training course will lead you to many different career opportunities, here are few prospects:
  • Aesthetic Therapist- £21,000 per annum
  • Spa Therapist- £18,000 per annum
  • Massage Tutor- £20,000 per annum


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Course Curriculum

    • Course introduction. 00:06:00
    • Introduction to your training provider 00:00:00
    • Course copyright, disclaimer and information to obtain your diploma 00:05:00
    • Professional Qualification Indian Head Massage course overview 00:04:00
    • Before you go any further.! 00:06:00
    • Getting around the platform. 00:06:00
    • Course documents 00:01:00
    • Student assessment questions 00:00:00
    • Some essential issues and items 00:00:00
    • Professional standards. 00:11:00
    • 2 Professional standards. 00:10:00
    • 3 Professional standards. 00:11:00
    • 4 Professional standards. 00:14:00
    • 5 Professional standards. 00:05:00
    • 6 Professional standards. 00:06:00
    • 7 Professional standards. 00:13:00
    • 8 Professional standards. 00:10:00
    • 9 Professional standards. 00:08:00
    • 10 Professional standards. 00:12:00
    • 11 Professional standards. 00:05:00
    • Reception Part 1 00:01:00
    • Reception Part 2 00:01:00
    • Reception Part 3 00:01:00
    • Reception Part 4 00:02:00
    • Reception Part 5 00:05:00
    • Reception Part 6 00:03:00
    • Anatomy and Physiology. 00:02:00
    • The spine 00:06:00
    • The skin. 00:05:00
    • Structures of the area treated; an activity to complete. 00:00:00
    • The skeletal and muscular systems 00:08:00
    • CardioRespiratory and Nervous system 00:09:00
    • The digestive system. 00:02:00
    • The endocrine system. 00:22:00
    • The endocrine system assessment 00:02:00
    • The urinary systems 00:06:00
    • The reproductive system. 00:05:00
    • Carrier oils for holistic therapies 1 00:07:00
    • Massage base oils 00:00:00
    • Carrier oil profile 1 00:04:00
    • Carrier oil profile 2 00:03:00
    • Carrier oil profile 3 00:06:00
    • Introduction to massage techniques used in most massage modalities 00:02:00
    • Effleurage 00:06:00
    • Petrissage 00:05:00
    • Frictions 00:04:00
    • Tapotement 00:10:00
    • Champissage 00:00:00
    • Meridians and Chakras of the head 00:00:00
    • Inidan head massage treatment pt1 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt2 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt3 00:01:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt4 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt5 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt6 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt7 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt8 00:03:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt9 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt10 00:02:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt11 00:03:00
    • Indian head massage treatment pt12 00:03:00
    • Indian head massage treatment – Champissage 00:07:00
    • Case Studies 00:11:00
    • Course conclusion 00:02:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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