Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course is the perfect course for the professionals. Learn key concepts, strategies of Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate and boost your career with a marketable skill. Learn from the experts and become an expert. 

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This Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course is designed for professionals who want to thrive in their profession. The Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course covers all the essential skills and knowledge needed to become specialised in this sector. You will learn real life knowledge and expertise from the industry experts and practitioners from this Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course.
The Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate Course starts with the basic knowledge of Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate and gradually shares expertise knowledge. In this course you will get a complete idea of Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate with key concepts, strategies regarding use of it and in-depth knowledge. The Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course is completely an online course. You can access this course from any part of the world with just a smart device and the internet.
By the end of this course, you will get complete knowledge and marketable skills. The course also comes with an accredited certificate, which will add extra value to your resume and help you stand out in the job market. In short, Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate Course is the perfect course to fast track your career. So what are you waiting for? Enrol today!

What you will learn

  • Superb Student Reviews!
  • Students from 174 Countries!
  • How to Coach your clients on Mindfulness
  • Understand and "Live" Mindfulness Life Coach Cycle
  • Asses your Clients Mindfulness Level based on the Scientifically proven Methods
  • Internationally Accredited Program CPD Provider #777313
  • Instructor Overall Rating: Over 3,500 5 STAR Reviews
  • How to Apply Mindfulness Coaching Model Developed by your Instructor
  • Use and Apply Mindfulness Coaching Client Forms
  • Introduce Mindfulness Questionnaires into your Coaching Practice

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Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for those who work in or aspire to work in the following professions:
  • Licensed Therapists, Psychotherapists, Counselors willing to get new tools to help their clients
  • Life coaches looking for additional proven tools to help their clients
  • Individuals who want to become a Certified Life coaches
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Leaders willing to help their team members stay more in the present moment and therefore become even more successful
  • Managers and Corporate Executives
  • Entrepreneurs ready to try new tools to increase chances of success

Why Choose Mindfulness Life Coach Certificate course?

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Conducted by industry experts
  • Get Instant E-certificate
  • Fully online, interactive course with Professional voice-over
  • Developed by qualified professionals
  • Self paced learning and laptop, tablet, smartphone friendly
  • Tutor Support


By the successful completion of your course, you will get an instant accredited e-certificate. Our courses are fully accredited with updated industry knowledge and skills that aim at making you an expert in the field. The hard copy of the certificate is also available and can be sent to your address. The delivery charge is applicable with a shipping cost of £4.99. All the certificates have no expiry dates but to stay updated and valued certificates are recommended to be renewed every year.

Career Path

This training course will lead you to many different career opportunities, here are few prospects:
  • Meditation Teacher - £25,602 per annum
  • Personal Meditation Trainer - £27,180 per annum
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Educator - £34,864 per annum


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Course Curriculum

    • About Braco Pobric and his Teaching Style 00:05:00
    • What’s Included Inside Mindfulness Life Coach Certification Course 00:03:00
    • How Do I Get Additional Help While Going Through This Course? 00:03:00
    • How to Navigate this Course 00:03:00
    • Mindfulness Life Coach Course Organization 00:05:00
    • Certification Prerequisites and the Requirements 00:03:00
    • Things You will Learn and Things You Will Not Learn in this Course… 00:02:00
    • Introduction to Mindfulness: Part 1 00:05:00
    • Introduction to Mindfulness: Part 2 00:03:00
    • How to Apply Mindfulness in Your Life: Part 1 00:04:00
    • How to Apply Mindfulness in Your Life: Part 2 00:01:00
    • How to Apply Mindfulness in Your Life: Part 3 00:05:00
    • Waiting in Line 00:02:00
    • Telephone Meditation 00:02:00
    • Shower Meditation 00:01:00
    • Walking Meditation: Part 1 00:04:00
    • Walking Meditation: Part 2 00:04:00
    • Mindful Eating: Part 1 00:06:00
    • Mindful Eating: Part 2 00:03:00
    • Nature and Mindfulness 00:05:00
    • Research on Mindfulness: Part 1 00:04:00
    • Research on Mindfulness: Part 2 00:03:00
    • Research on Mindfulness: Part 3 00:03:00
    • Research on Mindfulness: Closing 00:01:00
    • Mindfulness and Habits: Part 1 00:06:00
    • Mindfulness and Habits: Part 2 00:02:00
    • How One Habit Can Trigger Another One 00:01:00
    • How Mindfulness can help Release Pain and Stress 00:03:00
    • Can Mindfulness Help with the Pain? My Story: Part 1… 00:04:00
    • Can Mindfulness Help with the Pain? My Story: Part 2 00:03:00
    • Mindful Aging: Part 1 00:05:00
    • Mindful Aging: Part 2… 00:04:00
    • 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge… 00:12:00
    • Introduce Mindfulness to Your Clients 00:04:00
    • Mindfulness Life Coaching Model – BRACO 00:06:00
    • Life Cycle of Mindfulness Life Coaching 00:02:00
    • Detailed Steps of the Mindfulness Life Coaching – Life Cycle 00:05:00
    • Mindfulness Coaching Outcome 00:02:00
    • Life Coaching vs. Mindfulness 00:02:00
    • Get Your Certificate & Transcript 00:00:00

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