online courses for Internaltional Women's day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023: Celebrating Women’s achivements towards Equity through online learning

What is Equity about in gender equality?

On International Women’s Day, it is essential to recognise the importance of equity in achieving gender equality. Equity is about fairness and ensuring individuals have the resources and opportunities to reach an equal outcome, regardless of their circumstances.

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Achieving equity for women requires addressing the systemic barriers and biases that have historically prevented them from accessing equal opportunities and resources. These barriers can take many forms, including gender stereotypes, lack of access to technology, limited access to networks and mentors, unequal pay, limited access to education and healthcare, and discrimination in hiring and promotion.Online learning can be a front-runner in achieving equity. Online learning provides a flexible and accessible way for women to access education and training, which may be difficult due to geographic and financial situations. They may also be more likely to have caregiving responsibilities, which can limit their ability to work full-time or pursue career advancement.

Online learning to achieve Equity

Recognising equity in online learning means acknowledging that different people have different needs and that providing equal resources and opportunities to everyone does not necessarily lead to similar outcomes. Instead, equity requires understanding and addressing the unique challenges and barriers different groups face, including women.Considering women’s unique needs and creating supportive policies and programmes is essential. This may involve investing in technology and infrastructure that makes online learning accessible to women, creating mentorship and networking programs that support women in their education and career goals, and designing inclusive courses and programs that address gender stereotypes. The sole intention and focus is on empowering women to achieve gender equality.

Online learning requires ongoing effort and attention to achieve equity. It requires a commitment to identifying and addressing the barriers and biases to create a more inclusive and equitable society. It also requires opening up many sectors for women by reviewing gender stereotypes. More than ever, women are playing big roles in sectors like IT, Business, Finance, Marketing, Management, and even becoming entrepreneurs. As they learn new skills, pursue their interests and advance in their career – the world will have more hands and heads to bring changes for organisations, society, countries, and our planet.


The movement has already started, and the pandemic played a big role in it. Many researchers suggest that the gender gaps in online learning have narrowed during the pandemic. Despite the difficult labour market conditions, women increased their investment in learning new skills. 

Some of the popular job-oriented courses

On International Women’s Day, we should re-assess and review to commit to this effort and work together to build a world where every woman has the resources and opportunities to reach her full potential. Online learning has the potential to make it happen.