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Dignity and Privacy

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This Dignity and Privacy course meets The Health and Social Care Act 2008 regulation in the United Kingdom & recognised internationally.

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The Dignity and Privacy Course guides healthcare and social care workers on their responsibility to respect the dignity, privacy, and rights of care users. This course shows how to support privacy and dignity while providing personalised care to individuals. It emphasises the importance of letting care users remain in control of their care plans and helping them be independent where possible.

This Dignity and Privacy Training Course provides participants with the fundamental values every care service should uphold. The course covers critical topics like the principles underpinning privacy and dignity, self-care, and best practice procedures.

In Dignity – Good Practice Part 1, the course defines dignity and explains its importance in the healthcare sector. It also highlights the link between dignity and privacy. In Dignity – Good Practice Part 2, the course provides a range of helpful, professional tips for setting up the right working relationship with service users and discusses the issues that can arise when dignity is not respected.

Privacy – Good Practice covers the principles, the importance of confidentiality, and the measures to protect the personal lives of service users. The course also highlights the importance of treating service users with dignity and respect while promoting privacy.

Self-care is another important aspect covered in the course. It gives participants the valuable skills required for quality care provision and relationship-building. The course also explores the barriers to dignity and privacy and how to overcome them.

The course emphasises everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. It includes appropriate measures to protect service users while ensuring they have control over to live their lives. Treating service users with dignity and promoting privacy can improve care quality and enhance organisational reputation.



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By the end of the Dignity and Privacy Training Course, you will be able to:


  • Treat service users under their care with respect and dignity

  • Build positive working relationships with colleagues and service users

  • Overcome barriers to privacy and dignity and promote care user rights

  • Understand the consequences of not respecting privacy and dignity

  • Identify the principles that underpin privacy and dignity in health and social care settings

  • Maintain a high standard of duty of care that supports care users’ individual rights

  • Promote independence and self-esteem in the people they care for

  • Encourage service users’ participation in the planning, development, and evaluation of their care

  • Understand issues of confidentiality and legal duties regarding it

  • Maintain the privacy and dignity of the individuals in their care

  • Support informed choices and understanding of service users’ rights

  • Support individuals to question or challenge decisions made about them by others

  • Avoid personal views influencing service users’ preferences or decisions

  • Support active participation and involve service users in their care.

This Dignity and Privacy Course is ideal for professionals who work in a health or social care environment, this includes but isn’t limited to


  • Healthcare workers, including nurses, doctors, ambulance services, and clinical/non-clinical workers

  • Social care workers, including councils, carers, and care assistants

  • Youth workers, including activity leaders, passenger transport services, and volunteers

  • Healthcare assistants

  • Mental health support workers

  • Clinical practice leaders

  • Social care assessors

  • New members of staff in Healthcare Support Worker roles

  • New members of the team in Adult Social Care Worker roles

  • Any staff members who provide direct care to patients or individuals needing support

  • Staff moving into new roles within their organisation

  • Refreshing the knowledge of any member of the staff

  • NHS nursing, AHP, and care staff

  • Agency care workers

  • Healthcare assistants (HCAs)

  • Support workers

  • Care assistants

  • Community services

  • NHS medical, nursing, AHP, and care staff

  • Locum doctors and nurses

  • Locum allied health professionals (AHPs)

  • Agency nurses

  • Agency workers

  • Healthcare assistants

  • Support workers

  • Care assistants

  • Community services

  • Residential care

  • Domiciliary care

  • NHS

  • Community centres

  • Prisons

  • Family members’ homes

The course suits hospitals (private and public), dental practices, GP surgeries, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), mental health and disability services, hospices, healthcare recruitment, locum agencies, and domiciliary/home care agencies.

Across seven modules, this course guides valuable skills for providing quality care and building positive relationships with care users. These skills are essential for advancing their healthcare or social care career.

Module 1:  Overview of the Course

This module explores the key topics discussed in this course and how the system is structured.

Module 2: Understanding the Principles

This module explains the fundamental principles that underpin privacy and dignity in a health and social care setting.

Module 3: Dignity – Good Practice Part 1

This module introduced best practice procedures for maintaining privacy and dignity, and how to promote pride in a care setting.

Module 4: Dignity – Good Practice Part 2

This module further explores best practices for promoting dignity and privacy in a health and social care setting, learning from popular case studies.

Module 5: Privacy – Good Practice

This module looks at best practice measures to ensure privacy and dignity are promoted and respected in the workplace.

Module 6: Self-care

This module develops knowledge of self-care and the different ways of maintaining a high standard of self-care in the working environment.

Module 7: Overcoming Barriers to Dignity and Privacy

This module provides vital strategies for overcoming the barriers to dignity and privacy concerning protecting care users’ rights.



At the end of the course there is a multiple-choice exam. The required pass mark for all modules is 70%. It is essential to achieve the requried pass mark to issue a certificate.

Retake information :

You will be given 3 attempts at each module. If a module is failed on the third attempt,
it will become locked and you need to contact us for the module to be
unlocked again. You are only permitted up to 3 extra attempts per

You can take the exam up to 3 times, and if not successful, should repay the course fee and start again.

Course Duration:

50 minutes (Note: This is based on the amount of video content shown and is rounded off.

It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).

After successful completion ofthe course the learner will achieve a Certification of Completion from Course Central and Achievement Certificate.
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This entirely online course can be accessed from any device with the following system specifications:

    Browser: Up to date web browser
    • Video: Up to date video drivers

    • Memory: 1Gb+ RAM

    • Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)


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