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What is CPD?

CPD is your Continuous Professional Development, an investment you make in yourself. It helps to keep your skills and knowledge up to date to prepare yourself for the greater responsibilities you want. Our CPD courses are accredited by The CPD Group.

We have special prices available for businesses who need CPD courses for team members.
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Our Accredited CPD courses

How are CPD courses beneficial for an individual?

Continuous Professional Development evidences your conscious and proactive learning approach towards professional growth.Developing yourself enables you to adapt and act positively to the changes in the industry you are working in, which is a benefit for the employer as well. 

Your commitment, planning and taking action by doing any courses that count towards your CPD points indicate your professionalism. It allows you to identify all important knowledge gaps and your approach to improvement.

Doing CPD courses online ensures you never have to stop developing as you can do it on your own time, at your own pace.

How are CPD courses beneficial for an organisation?

Most of the CPD courses deliver structured learning, and this helps employers across any industry to retain key staff and develop their skills and knowledge to run a sustainable  business. 

This also develops a healthy learning and development culture within the organisation.

Online CPD courses are developed by industry experts, creating a learning opportunity for your valued employees. They can access the course from anywhere and complete it at their own pace. This allows the individual to up-skill, re-skill, or learn a new skill regardless of age, education level, or orientation—perfect practice for Equality and Diversity. 

CPD points are the number of hours dedicated to active learning. Anyone doing an 11points CPD course completes an 11hours of structured active learning session on the subject area.

CPD, an accreditation organisation working across all industry sectors, runs the CPD certification service. They evaluate the course materials and review the structure to ensure the training has clear objectives and outcomes for an individual’s development in the industry. CPD’s quality marks are protected by international copyright legislation. 

Course Central CPD-certified courses skill-based learning courses benchmarked against the checklist developed by CPD over 25 years. 

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